ELC DMX and Lighting Control Systems

ELC Lighting is based in The Netherlands and has been developing lighting systems since 1994. Its development team comprises practitioners who are designing network products with the benefit of practical hands-on experience in the field. All ELC products are developed from that experience and the needs of their loyal clients, and tested ‘in the field’. This extensive experience base provides the confidence our clients have that we understand their needs, and can solve the many issues encountered daily with network wiring, checking, mixing, merging, patching and splitting - in fact, most everything about the DMX command protocol for the entertainment and commercial lighting environment.

ELC is well known throughout the world for its comprehensive range of high capacity Ethernet switches, DMX/RDM connectivity products, focus remote controls, DMX recorders and sequencers used anywhere from small halls to arena-scale venues for lighting data networks and LED display walls. Since 2011, ELC expanded into the digital intercom business with a new range of products under the brand name ‘Green-GO’.

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