Teclumen’s wide range of products includes: theatre lighting, lights and equipment for stages and shows, architectural lighting, exhibition lighting and lights to create scenographies in swimming pools and foutains. 

A brand new line of theatrical LED projectors with high performance.

The various models have a power of 50W and 155W and are spot lights with Fresnel or PC lens and Profiles lights with variable zoom and focus. All are available in, controllable by DMX512 signal. 

Some of the technical caracteristics are: Resolution 8/ 8-11Bit conversion /16 Bit -PWM can be set via display from 300Hz to 4Khz in not even steps - Controls: DMX and optionally DALI, 0-10V analogue, contact, local, CAN, infrared and wireless DMX - Connectors RJ 45 and XLR5 In and OUT and PowerCon In and Out - Built in timer.

Via Castel Goffredo, 35/1
46040 Casaloldo (MN) 

TEL: +39.0376.778670
FAX: +39.0376.778660